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Nostalgia meets high tech in Desk Phone Dock for iPhone

April 1, 2010

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When my 3 year old daughter recently saw an old fashioned telephone – one of those beige ones with a rotary dial pad and a twirled cord – she was puzzled as to what it was. Growing up with mobile devices and cordless hand held phones she had never seen anything like that. The traditional phone – more precisely its design – may be making a comeback though.

That is, if Korean technology developer Kee Utility gets it their way. The Seoul based company is introducing its Desk Phone Dock for iPhone concept at the China Sourcing Fair – the largest business to business trade show in Asia – held in Hong Kong from 12-15 April.

The Desk Phone Dock combines the functionality of a traditional land line phone, including – yes – the twirled cord, with a dock station and charger for the iPhone. You can sync or charge your iPhone via the USB hub or electrical outlet on the integrated adapter box that is provided. There is also instant muting function, two built-in stereo speakers and a 3.5-mm headphone jack.

The design of the Desk Phone Dock is quite pleasing to the eye and I wouldn’t mind having it on my desk. I also like the idea of being able to just click my phone in the dock when I get home and having it synced, charged and ready-to-go in a breeze.

My only hesitation is that while it may look and feel like you are using a land line phone you really are not. Calls would still be going through your cell phone carrier so if – like me – you make frequent long distance or international calls, you may want to hang on to your land line service to avoid excessive roaming costs.

Meanwhile I remain curious about the Desk Phone Dock, including its pricing and availability. There may be enough time to first purchase the new iPhone 4G that Apple is rumored to release this summer.

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