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A Dutch Oscar Experience

March 8, 2010

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Dutch production Oorlogswinter (Winter in Wartime) did not make it beyond the shortlist for an Oscar in the category best foreign language film. Still, the Netherlands was as excited about the 82nd Academy Awards as the rest of the world.

Dutch television devoted all of Sunday night and well into Monday morning to the biggest movie event of the year. Zapping away between national channels and the American E!, the differences in entertainment journalism were evident. Where E! is all about glitter, glamour and the celebrity factor of the Oscars, the Dutch took a more serious approach and had invited a bunch of intellectual looking movie critics to a studio. Their comments were a sharp contrast from fairytale Hollywood on E! but I enjoyed watching both.

And as for the fashion, we may have seen one or more dresses by Dutch celebrity couturier Addy van den Krommenacker on the red carpet. Some 15 of his creations were shipped to Los Angeles at the invitation of celebrity stylists there. Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker’s wife Keisha Whitaker, amongst others, had shown interest in wearing one of his designs.

By the time the actual award show started, I was dozing off. Mind you it was 2.30 am local time by then. My Oscar experience wasn’t quite the same this year and I missed the Oscar parties we used to have when we lived in the States. Nevertheless I watched the show’s highlights on Monday and it was fun. I love the Oscars.

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