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Mc Donald’s goes Dutch

March 5, 2010

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American icon Mc Donald’s introduced a new burger this week in Dutch restaurants. The ‘Dutch Deluxe’ is part of Mc Donald’s effort to position its brand as ‘good food fast’ rather then ‘good fast food’.

What’s special about the Dutch Deluxe is that the typical soggy white bun around the burger has been replaced by a hearty wholewheat one. The Dutch love their bread so this new addition to the menu might be a hit. But don’t be fooled; the ‘healthy’ burger still counts about 280 calories so I wouldn’t get one every day. If you do, the calories can be burned down by taking a brisk walk covering 3,5 miles/5,6 kilometers per hour, skiing cross country for 15 minutes or washing your car by hand in an hour.

Mc Donald’s commercial for the Dutch Deluxe plays off of the – in my experience false – assumption that the Dutch always share their restaurant check (‘going Dutch’). Though the message is silly the video still made me smile.

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